War Master Revisits Some Favorites

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Shout Outs


If you missed out on some of War Master’s high-flying warbirds, then you can probably take comfort in knowing that the Company plans to bring back some of them as part of their 2015 lineup. Expected in the first quarter of the New Year, the proposed reintroductions include the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, Heinkel He 162 People’s Fighter, Mitsubishi A6M2 Rufe floatplane, and Kawasaki Ki 61 Tony fighter. The price for these hot sellers remains at $24.99, making them ideal candidates to start off any diecast aviation collection. 


Perhaps it was fitting that 100 years after the start of the Great War, a new modelmaker would toss its’ ‘hat in the ring’, pardon the pun. Newcomer Wings of the Great War has announced plans to develop an extensive range of 1:72 scale World War I-inspired aircraft, crafted in resin and bearing all of the hallmark detail that went into these “wooden wonders-of-the-sky.”


Each will come with a fully articulated display stand that allows for full freedom-of-movement so the collector can display each aircraft in multiple poses. According to the sales literature, no more than 500 pieces of each aircraft will be built, making them highly coveted collectables in the years-to-come. The first four aircraft are slated to take to the sky this October.


Fans of Eaglemoss Collections will certainly have lots to cheer about this October as several new 1:43 scale as well as 1:72 scale military vehicles are expected to roll out. In the 1:43 scale regime, look forward to seeing a British Humber armored car, US Dodge WC 63 6×6 truck, German 250/9 half-track, Italian AS-42 Sahariana armored car, US Dodge WC 57 command car, German Pz IV Ausf. G medium tank, and Russian Katyusha rocket launcher.


In the 1:72 scale ranks, you can expect to see a T-40 amphibious scout tank, T-26 light tank, T-35 super heavy tank, a pair of armored cars, and a mean dose of post-war military vehicles. Best of all, the price has dropped on the 1:43 scale line to just $21.99 apiece, making these pieces extra special additions to anyone’s warmongering museum.


There was a time when we were wondering if we were ever going to see Aviation 72’s long promised aerial armada. Now that their first flock of warbirds has seeded the clouds, it appears as if several more are right behind them this holiday season.


The second iteration of the Saab Draken is based upon a  plane that served with Sweden’s 10/02 squadron (#AV7241002).


Also up for consideration is their second and third looks at the Saab Viggen fighter, which are both scheduled for an imminent takeoff (#AV7242002 and AV7242002).


These and other new introductions are now up for pre-order.

Upcoming Movie: Fury

Posted: August 29, 2014 in Whispers
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Now that Brad Ptt has tied the knot, work has leaked out concerning his next acting gig, a feature film called Fury. Set in the latter stages of WWII, Pitt plays a Sherman tank commander, who must lead his lone tank into battle against a horde of Germans making a desperate attack.

You can see the trailer here:

New Line: Modelcollect

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Product Announcements


With events in the Ukraine heating up, it should surprise no one that a new line of 1:72 scale military vehicles has surfaced that perhaps plays up to the “Russian Bear.” Modelcollect is touting a brand new line of military vehicles that are based upon the ubiquitous T-72 tank and its many derivatives, along with several newer armor that has come to the fore in recent years. We expect to take delivery of this range some time in September.  


Forces of Valor has acknowledged that their second take on the USS Enterprise is about to make port in mid-September (#UNI86017). This particular version comes with a set of sailors that spell out “E=MC2 x 40″, which, in Einsteinian terms, signifies the 40th anniversary of the ship’s sailing under nuclear power.

UNI86017 Compilation

Collectors can stow the sailors in a safe place if they prefer not to display the phrase on the deck of their prized carrier.