Please be aware that UPS and FedEx live rates will be calculated in a new way, beginning December 29th, 2014 (UPS) and January 1st, 2015 (FedEx).

In an effort to encourage efficient packing and decrease fuel usage for delivery trucks, both carriers will now use “dimensional weight” to help determine the most accurate shipping cost for a package. Dimensional weight is different from actual weight, and is more representative of the amount of truck space a package actually occupies.

As a result, the shipping cost for a number of larger items we stock will go up dramatically, particularly if it needs to be shipped cross-country. We will be monitoring these adjusted shipping rates and will either have to increase their individual shipping costs, raise our free shipping threshold, or, in a worse case scenario, drop an item altogether if it proves to be uneconomical for us to ship. Over the past few months, we have already systematically eliminated those items we feel will be impacted by these shipping adjustments, and will continue to curate our product portfolio to see which items may need to be examined more closely going forward.

We strongly recommend that if you are interested in purchasing any of the larger items we stock that you do so now before we reach the December 29th deadline.


As the holidays rapidly approach, we were pleasantly surprised to see a new line of 1:350 scale warships taking to the sea in early 2015. Atlas Editions will be releasing the first five 1:350 scale submarines in January, with lots more expected to get underway as the year progresses. Priced at just $34.99, these warships look first-rate, serving as great complements to some of the other warship ranges already sailing on the diecast high seas.

ATL7169102 Compilation


Just when we were again giving up hope that we would ever see their long-promised Panther D medium tank comes news that a second version is already in the hopper. While the first version replicated an early model Type D Panther (DRA60596), their latest announcement depicts a later version (DRR60683), complete with its letterbox hatch opening for the glacis machine gun, pistol ports on the turret sides and a drum cupola.


Both are listed as February roll outs, and you can bet your bottom dollar that other schemes and liveries are no doubt in the works. Keep your fingers crossed they don’t run into any partisans, thereby delaying them any further.


Images are figuratively as well as literally surfacing concerning Corgi’s all-new 1:72 scale Short Sunderland flying boat. Expected some time in 2015, this beast of an aircraft looks to carry on the tradition left in the wake of their recently released 1:72 Avro Vulcan strategic bomber, perhaps taking on the role of signature centerpiece for the new year.


Surprisingly, their inaugural Sunderland will not be based upon the flying boat recently raised from the ocean depths off the coast of England but will instead depict a craft attached to the RAAF’s No. 461 Squadron.


We’ve just learned that we will soon be receiving several new Star Trek spaceships just before the holidays, and, perhaps more importantly, the first special edition release in the series – the Deep Space 9 Space Station. Long coveted by Trekkies world over, we thought that we might not be able to obtain this item, since it seemed to be sold out from other sources and going for a premium at other retail sites.

EMST0032 Compilation

Other ships expected by year’s end are a Federation Runabout (ST0032), Cardassian Hideki Class Fighter (ST0033) and a Vulcan Surok Class starship (ST0034). Live long and prosper.


As 2014 draws to a close, we are already looking ahead to the new year with a great deal of excitement. For openers, we will be migrating our web site to a more responsive design, using a cutting edge template that is both informative and attractively conceived. Likewise, our mobile interface will change substantially, so that it looks more appealing on today’s larger phone and tablet screens. Look for the changes to take effect in early 2015.

In other news, we will be dropping a number of under-performing lines where we see little growth going forward. Some lines have been languishing for some time, either no longer supported by the manufacturer or in need of a redress. This is actually good news for us, since we plan to bring in a great many new lines in 2015, several of which are tied to the expanding military science fiction universe heralded in by such brands as Star Wars and Star Trek. Moreover, a number of new military themed lines have been moving aggressively to market, which portends good things to come for our collector audience.

We hope you enjoy many of the changes coming your way.

The following lines are being drawn down and closed out:

Gaincorp aircraft, Easy Model warships, aircraft and military vehicles, Tamiya Masterworks, older Minichamps racing motorcycles, figures and racing helmets, Minichamps classic cars, Dragon Warbirds, Blitz 72, Schuco, Sky Defenders, Air Commander, Sword Models, The Collectors Showcase, Merit International, BBI, Gearbox Toys, IXO Models, Sky Guardians Europe, Marushin

The following lines look to be dramatically expanded going forward:

Air Force 1, Hobby Master, Eaglemoss Collections, Fabbri, Wings of the Great War, Luft-X, DeAgostini, Oxford, Hasbro, Bandai, Modelcollect, Panzerstahl, Disney


With their recently released “Santa Cat” being checked off from every aircraft collectors holiday wish list, Century Wings is turning the clock forward by a couple of months with their latest release – an operational scheme F-14B that saw action over Afghanistan in 2001. Based upon a bird that flew with VF-102 “Diamondbacks”, their latest deployment of the Tomcat will be strengthened to a release run of 1,500 pieces, up several hundred pieces from their most recent Fleet Defender replicas, and perhaps a sign that demand is once again outstripping present supply levels.