Oxford Shows Us the Goods

Posted: October 24, 2014 in Shout Outs


Announced earlier this year, Oxford has finally taken the wraps off of several of their upcoming military aviation titles due out around the holiday time frame.


Several of these warbirds have been eagerly sought after since being revealed, including a Dornier Do 335 Pfeil fighter (AC048) and Rommel’s North African taxi (AC047). Other notable entrants are shown below.

Oxford Multi

disney star wars logo

As we edge ever closer to the start of 2015, we know that everyone will be waiting with baited breath for the debut of the Walt Disney-produced Star Wars film, which is expected in theaters for the holiday season. On a personal note, I fondly remember working at a major toy store chain when the first Star Wars movie shocked theater goers way back in 1977, feverishly stocking shelves with Kenner’s Star Wars merchandise then stepping back as kids of all ages snapped up the product in the blink of an eye.

At this time, we are aware of several collectible lines that will begin appearing in 2015, each aimed at different sectors of the marketplace. We plan on bringing in the more adult-oriented ranges, just like we did with the Eaglemoss Star Trek starship line, and we anticipate brisk sales for years to come as each new movie comes out. As product is announced, we strongly urge collectors to place their orders early to avoid disappointment and help us gauge interest among our collecting audience once word begins to spread. Thank you.


A couple of weeks ago, we reported that speculation was running wild concerning rumors that Hobby Master was planning on building and deploying a fleet of North American A-5 Vigilante strike bombers. Well, we can put those rumors to rest because earlier today our distributor confirmed that the first 1:72 scale look at the Vigilante is slated for a June release (#HA4701). Based upon a RA-5C that served aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, their first look at this short-tenured, Cold War-era strike bomber is being met with eager anticipation, and will no doubt be followed up with other variants and liveries in the months ahead.


News out of the Eaglemoss diecast shipyard is that five new 1:100 scale warships are expected to make port in November. The five new WWII-era warships include a Japanese I-400 aircraft carrying submarine, IJN battleship Nagato, IJN aircraft carrier Kaga, IJN heavy cruiser Aoba, and the Italian battleship Littorio.


Granted the packaging comes in Japanese, which may not be ideal for the North American marketplace, but these are nevertheless fine scale reproductions that deserve a place in anyone’s replica fleet.


We’re not sure what the heading means either, however, the good news is that Aviation 72 will soon be offering their 1:72 scale take on the Saab Gripen jet fighter (#AV7243001). Long a staple of the Swedish Air Force, the Gripen is both affordably priced and attractively regaled, weighing in at just $57.99 for all you get. Look for a Gripen fly over some time in February.


Oxford revealed details concerning some of their newest diecast military vehicles and aircraft collectors can expect to see well into 2015. On the ground, look forward to monkeying around with a 1:76 scale replica of a Diamond T tank transporter that was used throughout the ETO during WWII.


In the air, several warbirds were unveiled, including Alexander Pokryshkin’s world-famous P-39 Airacobra that was employed on the eastern front. Please keep in mind that many of these items aren’t slated to hit the market until well into 2015, making them tantalizing if unattainable additions for several months running.

News Flash: We Are a Retailer!

Posted: October 16, 2014 in Shout Outs

Supply Chain

As we approach the hectic holiday season, we thought it made sense to once again point out where we stand in the collectible supply chain. Now celebrating our fifteenth year of doing business, some people often times think that, in addition to being an online retailer, we are both a distributor or a manufacturer. Ladies and gents, we are a RETAILER. This means that we work with a group of upstanding distributors who import product into our country from all across the globe. If we run out of an item, it usually means that our principal supplier has also run out of the item in question. So, we must wait until they receive their next shipment of the item before we can once again fill orders. For some inexplicable reason, some people aren’t grasping this basic concept. We don’t press a button and automatically get restocked the day after we run out of inventory.


Let’s look at the Panzerstahl T-28 super heavy tank as our prime example. We received this item way back in April of this year and I believe we ran out of it in early May. Based upon pre-orders, we did our best to forecast how many we would need using a formula and submitted our order accordingly. Now, some people decided to place their order days or weeks after we received our shipment, no doubt waiting to hear what other early adopters thought of the item. When we attempted to place a replenishment order, based upon growing consumer demand, our supplier indicated the next shipment was expected in June. June has since slipped into October, so that their next shipment could also include the manufacturer’s next two products in the series. Keep in mind that these items are shipped to our distributor by boat, not airplane, in order to reduce overall shipping costs and only after they clear customs and get checked in do they then get shipped to us.

During this time frame, we have received innumerable phone calls and emails asking about this item and why it hasn’t returned to stock yet. Guys, we are a RETAILER. We have to wait, just like you, for the item to arrive. We don’t like to disappoint, but the fact remains that if you do not order early, and dally with your purchasing decisions, then there isn’t a whole lot we can do about it except to explain this scenario over and over again. So please, order early and use a credit card. This way you do not get charged for the item until it ships out to you and you are more than likely going to get your prized collectible on the first go round instead of having to wait months on end, staring at that vacant space in your collection as it gathers dust. Capiche?